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05/02/2012 SellerMagic ALT 5.4.1 was released.
10/15/2011 Changes on Amazon product API will take effect on 10/25/2011. Read more...





SellerMagic Amazon ListTool (ALT)
Make your inventory listing and repricing process 10 times faster!


SellerMagic Amazon ListTool (ALT)

Work for Amazon and Amazon UK marketplace sellers

sellerMagic ALT list view

click here to see the full-sized screen shot of list view

sellerMagic ALT detail view

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Designed for pro merchants, SellerMagic ALT (Amazon ListTool) makes the inventory listing and re-pricing an easier task than ever before! It can save you many hours of your precious time every day. With SellerMagic ALT, you can do barcode scanning, item lookup, price checking, inventory uploading and downloading in a very user-friendly desktop environment. The powerful automatic re-pricing engine can adjust your price up and down according to your market position and the customized re-pricing rule. Unlike those web based tools, SellerMagic always gives you an opportunity to verify and manually adjust the price before uploading to Amazon.

Using state of the art Amazon E-Commerce Service , SellerMagic ALT brings valuable market data to your desktop. It displays the market information of your competitors in a straightforward tabular view. It also provides a list view and a detailed view of your inventory. The list view gives you an easy way to browse through the inventory and detailed view provides detailed information and even a picture of any selected product!

Since SellerMagic ALT is a desktop not a web based tool, all the data are stored on your computer. This gives you maximum security and control. The re-pricing engine runs many times faster than any web server based solution since you do not share the Amazon E-Commerce bandwidth with other users. You can run it at any time without relying on a third-party web server.

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* It works for marketplace sellers as well as seller central sellers who were converted from Amazon marketplace. But it does not work for pure seller central sellers who sell non-media products (e.g. electronics, toys etc).

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